Welcome to my attempt at sharing the regular mistakes I make in the kitchen. I'm constantly telling friends that I am a disaster in the kitchen, but they rarely believe me, so here is my proof. Step-by-step examples of how I ruin a perfectly good dish. Even though I ruin meals on a regular basis I still love to cook. And I am DETERMINED to become a good cook, or you know, at least make food that is edible on a regular basis.

***All stories are true and not exaggerated.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My first post: Danish Pancakes

Okay, so I had the HARDEST time deciding what to post for my very first cooking blog post!  I decided to keep it super basic and traditional.  Danish pancakes are a staple from growing up.  We never had regular pancakes, mom always made these instead.  We love them!  And now my children do as well.

Danish Pancakes:

2 cups of flour
3 cups of milk
2 eggs

Mix together batter.  It will be runny.  You don't want it too floury or it will taste, well, floury.

Heat a skillet on the stove.  I like a cook temp of 6 on my stove.  The temp is really important.  If you cook it at too low of a temp the pancake will taste floury and bland.  If you cook it at too high of one it will burn the edges but not get the middle all the way cooked.  You want a med to a med high temp.  Then they are perfect.

Pour a little bit of oil in the pan and spread it around so the pancakes don't stick.  I wait until the skillet smokes a bit then add the oil.  Let the oil sit for a few seconds so the oily taste will burn off.

This is where I had this morning's "kitchen disaster."  As I attempted to pour the oil, spread it around AND take a picture some oil spilled onto my GAS stove top.  I was terrified that it was going to catch fire.  I don't know what I did so good that deserved a blessing, but thankfully we had NO grease fire in the kitchen this morning.

***Amanda's Tip:  I am constantly using oil in small increments so I finally invested in a small oil bottle with a tip on it to help me out.  Instead of hauling out my HUGE bottle of oil for a tablespoon when I need to brown something, I just use this from my spice cabinet.

Pour in batter and spread around the pan by picking it up and moving it in circles until the batter is evenly spread.

***Yeah, mine were a little runnier today than they usually are....shocking.....I'm terrible at consistency with food.

Cook until the top is no longer runny.  Flip and finish it off (just like with a regular pancake).
***Now, you want to make sure it gets a little brown.  If it doesn't it tastes bland.  The almost crunchy kind of pancake is the yummiest.

Don't worry, no matter what the first one NEVER turns out.  Even for my mom, who makes them perfectly EVERY. SINGE. TIME. the first one doesn't turn out.  Don't know why, I just don't sweat it.  Now, when the 5th one isn't turning out it's an "Amanda" problem.

Put on a plate and top with whatever you prefer, my son likes butter, syrup and the dried blueberries from Costco on his.

Roll them up.

Cut in and enjoy!

***Also, I use EVOO for almost everything. I usually don't have regular vegetable or canola oil in my house. It typically makes the food taste even better, especially brownies. It make the taste a bit more "fuller."


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lindsay said...

I LOVE IT AMANDA!!!! Looks fantastic!

lindsay said...

I LOVE IT AMANDA! Looks fantastic!!!

Anonymous said...

Those sound really YUMMY! Reminds me of crapes and I LOVE crapes! You're awesome ~ thanks for the tips. :)